December 2013. The godfather of urban vinyl art has just announced the must get arttoy for Christmas. BB, the skateboarding dog is the third 12-inch "Gardener" figure he has released in over a decade. Next to Tattoo he is possibly the most popular character in the 100+ member gardenergala series. For those willing to fly to Hong Kong and get in line here are the details:
Limited to 599 Pieces
$2,299 HKD or $296 US
Sold exclusively during the CSBOOTH18, December 14 and 15, 2013 at GUMGUMGUM
6 Cleveland Street
Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

The figure is produced by Hot Toys Inc. and includes a custom box, skateboard, bodysuit and dog biscuit skateboard.
  • I've got lots to do so check back some other day.
preview image of the gardener palm sized figures

Click on the image to see the large poster.


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