The Gardener Comics

The Gardenergala comic strips appeared mostly in the Hong Kong fashion and street culture magazine East Touch. The comics had very little text, if there was it was in Chinese. A few English words popped up every now and then.

When Michael became well known in Japan he did a series of short black and white gag-comic strips featuring the Gardeners, the text in these strips was Japanese. Thumbnail versions of his comics are posted here for you to see.

The material in the series was usually humorous, sometimes serious, but mostly universal. Many of the panels didn't even need text to be understood as Michael is a good visual storyteller.

In the series we learned to cheer on Maxx as he tries to become something bigger than himself. Sometimes we laughed as the other Gardeners got themselves in all sorts of funny situations.

Take Prodig from the Japanese series to the right. He wants to get a kick-ass Godzilla tattoo on his left shoulder, however despite the pain of getting a tattoo the end result is not as imposing...

Much thanks to juuan for the images.

Gardener Comics 1~12

Featured in East Touch Magazine.

The Gardener Strips

All of these Gardener strips were featured in Michael Lau Exhibition III-crazysmiles, in Japan.

Comic Interview

Michael presents an interview in comic format. You can see this interview at

Pig Pig Pig & Wolf

In 2000 Michael created a series of comics retelling the traditional story of the Three Little Pigs. Michael's version was titled "pig pig pig & wolf". The comic was very urban and like his other 2D work, unique and powerful as well.

Super thanks to Cooljet for the images. The pages are in chronological order.

Michael created several mouse pads with the faces of the three pigs and the wolf (above).

Michael also released sticker sheets featuring the characters from the comic (left).

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